Friday, August 6, 2010

"Backyard Tattoos"

"Good tattoos aren't cheap
and cheap tattoos aren't good "

New jail tattoo

You can now get your eye’s tattooed…how insane! A syringe injects colour chemicals into the eye which leave it dyed permanently…

Prescription Tattoos to help diabetics monitor blood glucose level

Tattoos are no more just to beautify someone’s body or just way of expression. Scientists at Draper Laboratory have given tattoos another meaning. For diabetic people to keep tabs on their glucose levels. When Nanoparticles are injected into the skin it will respond to glucose in the bloodstream by light thereby letting the diabetic patient to determine if an insulin shot is necessary. This sounds amazing for tattoos can be the stroke of luck of many diabetic people.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thanks to reality shows like Miami Ink and LA Ink, people are now more open minded to getting tattooed. Tattoos are no longer taboo. More and more people are realizing that tattoos are just another form of expression.

Solar Powered tattoo! Artistic Encounter Tattoo

A real patriot of the USA

Every tattoo shop and every tattoo artist works differently. As a person that has been in a tattoo shop for the past 2 years and been lucky enough to see a tattoo artist in action I could say that when it comes to hygiene and what the customer wants, every tattoo artist is the same. There main priority is to give there clients what they want and take there ideas to the next level. This being said we all heard about the teen who sued the tattoo artist for getting 56 stars while she was sleeping. We could all have a different opinion about this incident. Did she really want 3 stars or 56? In my opinion I believe that when she finished with her tatt, she regret what she got and used that as a excuse and since the tattoo artist always has to keep there clients happy he decided to pay half for her laser surgery. The tattoo artist still to this day says that she got what she wanted.

5000 Year old mummy found with tattoos.

The first tattoos began accidentally—early man rubbed ash or soot from a fire into
cuts and injuries to sterilize a wound. Tattooing became a rite of passage and soon evolved into a magical art.This here is a mummified hand and the head of a woman from the pre Inca Chiribaya culture, located at the Azapa Museum in Arica, Chile, is adorned with facial tattoos on her lower left cheek.